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♥ Sunday, March 30, 2008
3:32 AM

Oh so now you're the one who can go out with girls and i have to be the one
who sits at home and rot?
i didn't date guys after we broke up, you were probably out there licking some
girls pussy for all i know. you just assumed i was doing the exact same things.
maybe you should just come out from your immature mind and start thinking who was
the one who was always there for you. Honestly, you weren't looking out for me, i was the one
looking out for you. All you did was to write me a 3 page long letter and sit at the fountain
looking all miserable but what? with a girl beside you. I so damn wanted to thrash you into
the god damn fountain you know that?

You get drunk, cry and swear. where was i? you blame me for not reaching out to you,
i call you.beep you a thousands over times. you don't answer. and you say a cold turkey
would be the best solution for both of us. or is it just a freaking EXCUSE to get to know other
girls without getting your ass burned? you know it yourself okay?
i probably mean nothing to you at the start, just a one of the passing phase of girls in your life.
just think how much i sacrificed okay dude? Think.

♥ Friday, March 28, 2008
6:57 AM

This blog is stagnant, like where mosquitoes breed in. :/

Had Road run in school just now.and its like 3.2km
i'm uberr proud of myself, i didn't stop throughout the whole thing!
its no more those '100m about to faint and die' kinda feeling anymore
cause i was inhaling too much. Go green people, think about the air instead of
your god damn rotting lungs. yes, so proud i did it.
i came in like 17 can! :DDDD
okay its not that bad showing some ego here anyway.
cause my good friend JingKai just lost his ego to me. LOL.

right i shan't be mean. If he sees this, hes gonna turn me upside down.
and show me thousands of pictures on clowns. :(

♥ Sunday, March 16, 2008
12:16 AM

Hello you and you and you again,

Can anyone tell me if Good Friday is a public holiday or a school holiday
or whatever holiday that i don't hafta go to school please?
Lovely Feli wants to go out.and so do i.cos i miss her awesomely much.
and also cos i don't wanna sit in lectures for Econs either.

i Love Earth and green today,
and always remember 'hot seats makes your ass swell'
gosh, i'm uberrrr randomish today.

♥ Tuesday, March 11, 2008
12:41 AM

was 'shop-all-you-want' and 'try-something-fad' day
firstly, i hit the streets with BFF MandaL after training.
and! i friggin got my naval pierced.
through the middle of it with the forcep already clammed
i was like what the hell am i doing?
and on the wall of the piercing shop, was a huge newspaper article
" See what S'pore teens are doing to themselves?" and there was this
girl sticking her tongue out with a piercing needle through it.
Ironic isn't it? Lol.
oh well so the damn needle went through.walla some jewel hanging from
your belly. guess we really are materialistic yet daredevilistic? LOL.

And tonight? you should know where i'm going with a big bunch of coolios kids. :D

♥ Sunday, March 09, 2008
4:18 AM

And back here,

i didn't make it down to town yesterday to meet my dear girlies
i really need to. seriously.
watched The Leap Years with JingKai recently and i was like thinking
if such things do come true. i mean i was like tearing in the god-damn
cinema next to a guy whose ego i super hated. Lol.
but you're so super nice to me sometimes i have to love you.
Twelve years, talk about two tears being damn long and taking up
your life blah blah. face the fact alright? we're not in the same world okay?

i need to hire someone to do my homework but at the same time feeding
my brain with some knowledge. Lol. theres too much to be done damnit.
That was why i lost to Raymond's persuasion to go to Zouk this Tuesday.
lol. "shagg it out there babey" Siew Qing says. I so will.steammmmmmy

And to my dear Amanda,

Sometimes, God or whoever is up there, chooses to take someone away for
a good reason. Let her go and don't fret over it. Shes an angel now free from pain and
anything hurtful, watching over you and you family alright. I will always be there for you
like how you were for me. I love you as always.

♥ Monday, February 25, 2008
6:50 AM

Guess what?
Lessons have begun.
its like the school already planned our whole year's study plans. DAMN.
thats what you get for being 'gatal' and enter a god-damn JC.
i have what, geography notes that are friggin 4cm thick.yes thick.
thats a hell lot of papers and words in there mind you.
yes, theres always a but.
i've got the ultimately cutely geeky form teacher in the world.
and he is BILLY TAN.
awwww.isn't his name like adorable already?
and i've gotten my DLSR which makes me really excited and jumpy.
because i might be your very next Private I. hoho.\

right this is suppose to be a random post that you happen to think of
when you don't get enough sleep yet you still don't wanna crawl into one
and your mind isn't functioning properly because Nessa says a wooden fountain
and scented joss sticks doesn't allow you to find Inner peace. Instead she makes
you run the treadmill with her in the school's gym and tells you that just behind
the headlights.you see the sunset.take a picture. forgetting that the basketball is
still under the table.gets a really nicee guy to run back to get it while i sit at the grand
stand taking shots of ants and millipedes on the ground.
oh right, goodnight world.

this dude here says he wants to do a Thriller encore.
followed by Chrank that if you don't mind.


♥ Wednesday, February 20, 2008
8:40 PM

I woke up today asking myself if i should skip school today.
because Orientation was sucha bore yesterday.
who cares if we really got back the relics.
i just saw the Numrid lens lying around the foyer yesterday
made up dumb hula hoops and cardboard.
well of course its suppose to made up of junk.if not i would
have stolen it and sold it on Ebay and become the richest 17-year-old alive.
staying at home the whole day to find Inner peace as suggested by
'healthy magazine' got the better of me and not start up National Treasure 3.

I tried by burning some aromatic candles together with cinnamon
with apparently could not be burnt, i don't know why.
and now my whole room smells like some Indian temple. Lol.
maybe, i might just head to the kitchen next and start concocting an unearthly
medical ailment that can maybe cure terrible backaches in a jiffy.
or maybe i could start my own biography so when i die,
someone finds it publishes it and i'll become more reknown then Anne Frank.
why? because i'll add in many unrealistic crap that Inner peace gives.
right.i guess sleeping does the most Inner peace-giving.
so goodnight to those poor warriors in school having to find a fake relic
and listening to old people giving never-ending talks.

And lastly, i've influenced Vanessa to find her own Inner peace.
i told you i was influential.
Oh yeah, I hope the kitties come out to a place where i can actually see them
tonight so Glen won't kill me for having cockroach-fright-night.

Glen with Missy Ginger.